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Everybody is walking around with a camera in your store.  The thin, cheap straps that come with almost all cameras today are very uncomfortable when worn for an hour or so, but when they are worn for a full day, like many of your customers, they can start to hurt.  Camera-SrapZ solve this problem with a thick, rubbery coat of foam that will stretch and contractrac similar to  shock absorbers on a car.  This will smooth out the ride so to speak and give immediate relief to pain or rashes that can develop.  This design also allows for a very striking area to feature your destinations name and artwork so it makes a great souvenir


Digital SLR Sales are Increasing

More and more people are traveling with new DSLRs from Canon, Nikon and Sony.  These cameras take wonderful photos, but when you add the lenses and flash units, they can add up to several pounds.

High Margin Product

Stores can make between 30 to 50% profit on retail sales and still give the customer a tremendous value for their money.

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